LKS Communications is built on the principles of listening to your needs and providing a reliable service tailored to suit your company, we work with Telecom and Data Resellers providing a wide range of services.

Our unique white label telecoms installation and maintenence service has established our place in this industry. Allow us to be your engineering resource, we only work with products where we have the highest level of Technical Accreditation ensuring you can be comfortable in the knowledge that our engineers deliver technical excellence time after time.

We are known as the Engineering Chameleons because of our ability to adapt in any situation.

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LKS Communications like to focus on doing things well so we avoid the 'that will do' approach and never try to spread our knowledge too thin. Our range of supported products is strong, we admit it is small as we aim to be experts in what we do. Our engineers are all trained and equipped to the highest levels ensuring we do the job on time and in budget leading to high customer satisfaction levels.

LKS provide a white label telecoms installation and maintenance service on all the products that we support, our vehicles are unmarked, engineers can be contacted on their mobiles which have generic voicemail messages. We make it as easy as possible to work with us so we always provide an upfront clear and detailed quotation, we always make allowances for common 'pitfalls'.

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At LKS Communications we are confident that we do things well, if we make a mistake we learn from it and change our procedures to avoid it happening again in the future. We strive to be open and honest as we want customers who will come back to us time after time.

We have a long list of Testimonials and Customer References and are very proud that the majority of our customers have worked with us for a long period of time. So do not just take our word for it click on the link below to see some of our recent Testimonials. Our customers know that our white label service means our excellent service will appear as your service and installation departments.


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LKS Communications are aware of our effect on the planet and as a business we strive to recommend products that limit their effect on the environment.

We offer a full product recycling service so if you purchase equipment from us we will remove the existing Telecoms and IT equipment and you can be safe in the knowledge that the equipment will be recycled and components used in the manaufacture of new equipment.

The products we recommend are all low power consumption and for items such as PoE switches we can configure them so during evenings and weekends they will be on standby thereby reducing your power consumption saving money and the planet at the same time.

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Welcome to LKS Communications

LKS Communications provides white label telecoms installation & maintenance services to resellers of Telephone Systems and IT solutions, all aspects of your business are taken care of with just one phone call.

Choosing the right partners for your business can be time consuming, and in many cases filled with risk. We aim to make our partnerships easy to manage and profitable for all involved. Choosing LKS as your engineering partner could be the best decision you have ever made. Our white label approach ensures we deliver all our services under your corporate identity.

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